Canine Camp Getaway

Dr. Laurie’s list of key items to bring to camp

Here are some suggestions and reminders about what to bring to camp. While there are all the usual stores and services available for people in lake George, not all dog items can be easily found. Links to Amazon are provided for you to see exactly what I recommend, and to purchase if you need.

Many dogs have a bit of stomach upset at camp. All the activities, lots of treat, a change in routine, and more throw off normal digestion. Pumpkin is a great natural solution! Weruva puts it in convenient pouches, easy for travel!

A probiotic can also help normalize digestion. I like the concentrated Rx Biotic, designed by one our renowned holistic veterinarians, Dr. Bob Silver.

Water bucket – I like to be able to secure a water bucket in my dog’s crate. The clip and a double ended snap make it secure. They come in many sizes. I prefer a 1 quart for small and medium dogs and a 2 quart for large dogs.

Bring a sheet or blanket for under your dog’s crate, as well as over the bed or furniture. This is a great help in keep hair off the of everything.

Dog towels! The ranch does not want us to use their towels for drying dogs! Be sure to bring at least two. At dog shows we will often use chamois for fast drying.

Don’t forget any medications your dog (or you!) take. If your dog is prone to stress related problems such as diarrhea, talk to your vet about what you could have on hand. If your dog has arthritis, or gets sore after a lot of exercise, you may want to have something for pain on hand. Ask Dr. Laura or myself for advice if you are unsure whether to give medication.

A spare leash and collar. It’s easy to misplace your leash, or have the collar get wet at the pool. A simple spare can save the day. I also like to have a slip lead handy, and always have one in my car for emergencies.

Water bottle! Water is available in the conference center and at the activities, but you may prefer to carry your own water, for yourself or your dog. Many campers like the flip out water bottles, which have a drinking bowl.

There are also collapsible water bowls for the larger dog. The have a clip and fold flat for easy carrying.

Tick remover! The pesky things are everywhere these days, and t’s handy to have a tool with your to get them off ASAP. I like a couple different kinds. The tick key is handy to clip on your key chain, lead, or anywhere with a snap. The tick spoon is bigger and easy to work with.

Paw protection. Many dogs are not yet used to as much activity as there is at camp. Especially for the dogs that run around the pool, go on the hikes, and lure, their pads can take a beating. Have some pad protection on hand, and consider conditioning the pads before camp.

Watch as more items are added to this list! And if you have questions, please post them on the Facebook page!

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