Check Your Pet Food Challenge 2020

I am thrilled to announce the latest project of Check Your Pet Food, LLC — the 2020 Check Your Pet Food Challenge! The program has two purposes. First, it helps pet parents get the unbiased information they want about the foods they purchase. Second, it gives companies an impartial means to transparently demonstrate the quality and nutritional integrity of their products.

The CYPF Challenge was a natural next step from our testing of Raised Right Pet Food, as well as other companies. The willingness of these companies to have us mimic the consumer experience in purchasing and storing the foods, and then putting those foods to the test in an independent laboratory, was inspiring. The public sharing of test results shows that a company is willing to “walk their talk,” and use independent laboratory data to prove the integrity and quality of their product.

We are now seeking consumer nominations of foods for testing. As we collect votes for both brands and specific formulas, we will share them, both with you and the companies. We will invite brands to sponsor independent testing of their products, and the public sharing of those results. Testing will include nutritional data, such as is typically included on the label, as well as pathogen testing, aflatoxins if appropriate, mold & yeast counts, DNA verification for meats, and more. Every attempt to mimic the consumer experience in purchasing and handling of the foods will be made and documented. Our goal is to show the integrity of the products tested, not to find fault with any brand, formula, or method of processing.

Please visit the website and nominate your favorite product for testing. It is vital that you include the company, exact formula name, and physical form, so we can accurately count your vote. Incomplete votes cannot be counted. As we hit statistically significant numbers, we will be approaching brands for testing, and keeping you up to date on the status. We are currently halfway to our first target number of replies, so if you have not yet voted, please visit Check Your Pet Food and nominate your brand!

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