Dog Owners Don’t Know What to Feed Their Dogs

statement-1I recently received the current issue of Pet Food industry Magazine, and found a report on a survey performed by Purina and PSB Research. The focus of the survey was finding out what concerns owners had about their dog’s health and wellbeing, and where they found it difficult to make informed decisions. I was not at all surprised at the five following findings:


  • Half of owners surveyed thought choosing the right food for their dog was the most difficult part of pet ownership
  • 52% of all and 68% of millennial owners thought dog nutrition is more confusing than human nutrition
  • 79% of millennials believe their pet food is not a perfect fit for their dog
  • About 1 out of 4 owners felt overwhelmed by the choices and spent more than 10 minutes in the dog food aisle making their choice
  • 57% expressed interest in a food that could be personalized for their dog’s nutritional needs


These results are encouraging to me, an advocate for a natural diet for dogs. They show me that a huge number of dog owners realize the importance of nutrition, and know that commercial pet food is not a perfect fit for their dog.

Kibble with water

Kibble with water

Can you tell what was used to make this kibble?



Owners need to know that it is not that difficult to feed a dog a “personalized” diet that meets their needs. It’s simply called food, and it comes in a few key forms. Meats, with bone and fat. Organ meats, rich in vital nutrients. A bit of vegetable for fiber (or not, depending on the situation). All human quality, carefully handled, and fed in appropriate amounts and sizes for the dog. It does not have to be difficult, or confusing. And best of all, it puts the control of ingredients and quality in the owner’s hands, rather than the hands of companies who use unfit for human consumption ingredients, and process them into a form that is contrary to the dog’s biology.


Close-up shot of a raw beef steak in the shape of a question mark served on a white plate




Or this?

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