I Hate Cancer

A conventional approach to cancer.

Today I lost a patient. And a friend of mine lost a friend. And there was nothing I or she could do to change that outcome.

Cancer is the biggest health crisis facing our dogs today. Statistics tell us one in two dogs will get cancer. Some will respond to treatment, some will not. Sometimes, as in my patient today, the cancer will have worked its way into and around vital structures, so that any attempt to remove it will destroy those vital structures. Sometimes there will be a cure, or long term management that provides quality and enjoyment of life for some time.  Nothing makes me happier than helping a cancer patient outlive all expectations, with great quality of life. But what would really make a difference is if we could prevent this dreaded disease from taking hold in our dogs’ cells in the first place. And that’s how it starts, tiny cell by tiny cell, until it explodes…

We need to do better. We need to know more. There is a tremendous amount of research and information available today — an overwhelming amount, in fact. Yet still, the cancer rate continues to rise. What can a concerned owner do?

My basis for cancer treatment.

The first thing I recommend is learning more, from the people who are battling this disease in a way that makes sense biologically. Watch the Dog Cancer Series  — the trailer and paid versions are still available. Look in to feeding fresh whole foods, avoiding dry or kibble foods at all costs. Find a holistic vet who can help you understand minimal vaccination plans. Minimize toxin exposure, indoors and out. And make every day count, spending quality time with your best friend, doing what you both love to do.

And please give your dog an extra hug today in honor of my patient and the people who did not get to take their dog home today.

And stay tuned as I share some stories of my patients who have used the newest cancer approaches, including ketogenic diets, CBD, mushroom extracts, and more. There are many news ways to fight his awful disease!


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