What Goes in Your Dog’s Bowl?

Today I got my daily dose of inspiration, courtesy of a Nielsen survey of consumers. It was found there were some things that consumers wanted pet foods to be “free from.”  This infographic, taken from PetFoodIndustry.com, summarizes the survey findings – click on it to enlarge and clarify if needed:

I was very pleased (and a bit surprised) to see GMO ingredients at the top of the list. And I certainly agree with avoiding them, whether we are feeding humans or animals. I would have expected other things to have made the list, such as 4-D meats (meats harvested from dead, disabled, diseased, or dying animals), rendered ingredients, or ingredients from China or other questionable sources. However, many consumers don’t yet know about these ingredients. And that got me thinking, what do I want from the foods my owners feed their dogs? Rather than focusing on what they are “free from,” what qualities should a high quality commercial food have? So I came up with my own infographic!

These are things that many consumers may not have considered. Who actually made the food? Can I understand the ingredients, or are they things like animal digest? How many carbohydrates (which break down to sugar) are in the food? And most importantly, are the ingredients fit for human consumption?

And if you want to know how your current food stacks up in regard to these six things, give them a call! Or contact them with your questions via email or through their website. And be sure to comment on my Facebook page with your findings!


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