Why do we feed most animals we care for something that actually is natural to them, or is recognizable as natural to them, but not dogs or cats?

Horses, cows, and other livestock graze on pasture or eat hay, which is dried grass.






Pocket pets eats vegetables, grass, or pelleted grasses (alfalfa pellets).







Reptiles are fed rodents or insects.





Amazing efforts are made for zoo animals to replicate their natural diets.







Yet pets get this unidentifiable dry kibble. Or these, decorated and shaped. Kind of like food cartoons. Available in dry and canned forms!

Why are owners feeding these products? Why do veterinarians encourage the feeding of them? When they know the importance of feeding according to biology for the horses, cows, pocket pets, reptiles, and fish we have in our care? Does it make sense to you?

Our dogs and cats are animals, with their own biological needs. Because they can survive on foodstuffs that are not biologically natural or appropriate does not mean they can thrive.

I want my pets, and those of my patients, to thrive. That’s why I advocate feeding according to biology, with fresh, whole foods of human quality. Watch for more about this tomorrow.

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