About Dr. Coger

Dr. Coger is an integrative and functional medicine veterinarian, dog owner, trainer, and breeder. Her mission is to guide owners down the natural dog care path, helping them to become educated and empowered advocates for their best friend’s health.

She is an honors graduate of Cornell University’s College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, majoring in Animal Science, with a special interest and advanced training in nutrition. She received her DVM degree from Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Her “real world” experiences in veterinary hospitals both large and small, housecall practice, and shelter medicine have broadened her skills and knowledge.  One of her favorite job duties is as resident veterinarian for Canine Camp Getaway, the country’s ultimate dog lovers’ vacation in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. She is the founder of the Healthy Dog Expo, the northeast’s foremost dog natural dog health educational event. She also works with natural dog health companies in designing and developing new products and services/

Dr. Coger’s practice and dog care philosophy emphasize natural methods and care. She regularly integrates chiropractic, low level laser, herbal, nutritional, and physical therapy techniques into her treatment plans. She is a staunch advocate of raw, natural diets. Her first book, “Vaccines Explained: The Wholistic Vet’s Guide to Vaccinating Your Dog” is currently being updated. She is well known in the media, having been featured in USA Today, Dogs Naturally Magazine, Pet360, PetMD, and numerous nationally known blogs and websites. She has been nominated for a Dog Writers’ Association of America award for her work in the Australian Shepherd Journal.

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