The Fight Against Canine Cancer

When the word cancer is spoken, it drives a cold blast of fear into the heart of every dog owner. No other disease brings up the questions, worries, treatment costs, and heartbreak like cancer. We have more ways to diagnose and it treat it than ever before, yet it continues to be the leading cause of death in dogs — about 37% according to one study. And for some breeds, such as the Golden Retriever, that number is even higher. Cancer is claiming the lives of dogs when they are only three, four, or five years old. It often shows up with no warning, forcing owners to make life or death decisions with little time to process what is going on inside their dog’s body. It is simply heartbreaking.

But there is hopeful news. The fight against cancer is exploding, with efforts in many new and promising directions. The Golden Retriever Lifetime Project is gathering data and biological samples from dogs over their lifespan, which will help identify factors involved in development of cancer and other diseases. New research and groundbreaking therapies at KetoPet Sanctuary are using nutritional intervention and cutting edge technology to reverseĀ  cancers. And the recently established Paws For Change Foundation is working to support research and education in natural and nutritional methods of addressing cancer and well being. Watch below to learn more about Paws For Change and how it came to be.

You may be thinking that you want to do more in this battle than just make a donation, that you want to become personally involved. Then working with a local chapter of the National Canine Cancer Foundation may be for you! And if you are near NY’s Capital District, you can join us June 10 at the Strut Your Mutt 2K walk. It’s a great way to raise awareness and funds for research, meet other owners who have battled cancer, and learn the latest strategies for prevention and health. There’ll be food, live music, vendors, raffles, contests, and more!

Addenda: In response to a few questions, my number one cancer reference for owners is The Dog Cancer Survival Guide. You can order it through Amazon by clicking here.

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